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Forthcoming post…


I bought a ticket for half price off of Living Social a couple months prior. But realized that the 7th was the last day to use it at Pac-Man on the 6th. Josh said he was going to the next day so insisted I come along (We share a distaste for wasting money…even single digits…) so I said yes.

So we went to the Spy Museum. I had heard some not great things about it and that it was small. Despite my hangover, I thought it was great. And huge; I was shocked they fit so much in such a seemingly small space. The creation of the atomic bomb and double agents were my favorite parts.


This lady asked me to do a human version of Pac-Man around the streets of DC…more specifically: Chinatown. Having no idea what this entailed, of course I said yes. The beautiful, sunny 60-something day came and after some initial confusion about location and game-playage and talking to News 4 crews (slow news day?) we started our game.

There was basically a 6-block parameter to stay in. 4 “Ghosts” are set out to look for the “Pac-man”. They other people had ponchos, but our group had some sweet t-shirts made by 2 of our players. Back at home base (in this instance: The National Portrait Gallery), there are 5 “controllers” on the phone with the crazy folks running down the street dressed as either Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde or Pac-Man.

The controllers for the ghosts simply mark the spot on the map of where their respective ghost is on the grid. Only the Pac-Man’s controller can tell he/she where the ghosts are. The only other information the ghosts can know is where the other ghosts are and when Pac-Man is invincible. Otherwise, it’s just up to the ghosts to walk the streets, dodge confused pedestrians and tourists and find and tackle Pac-Man.

Seriously, it’s a good time. I will be doing this again…I hope.

Later in the evening I had dinner for what seemed to be an accidental double-date in Chinatown with some friends that ended up being absolutely hilarious then went to a favorite bar for an acquaintance’s birthday. Good times.


I actually mentioned this one after receiving an email from the folks in charge of the ugly sweater bar crawl in participated in back in December. I sent out a short email inquiring about interested parties. I didn’t get a big response and we needed 10 people, so I decided not to pursue it. About 2 weeks later my Tuesday night trivia team decided they wanted to do this and it started all over and in this instance, I said “yes” and it went back to being set up.

Initially delayed because of the huge snow storm, the new date was February 27th. It was a beautiful day and a great time. I had a plethora of fantastic DC scavenger hunting photos and pics inside the limo, but my camera was stolen at about 3am.

Just to be clear, the pre-party was at 2. Then we searched in limos around the District from 4 to 7. Then we went to the bar where we got results (we placed 13th out of 50 teams or so). Then I went to a friend’s friend’s apartment party in Chinatown (don’t remember that). Then went to Georgetown for pita’s with a random guy I met last year at about 4am. At 7am I realize my camera is gone. So many good photos…but at least I have the memories…and a really good excuse to play this game again next year!

Anyway, it was a great time and we actually did sorta well. I have a few photos scavenged (get it?) from the other camera that was there – sadly mine was the main camera.  We were Always Sunny themed, if you can see our shirts. Here is the Paddy’s Pub Search Party:  (plus driver!)


The Legwarmers are a local 80s cover band. I got an email chain asking if I’d like to attend; yep. was going to dress up since I was 80s for Halloween, but felt I was going to be the only one. I opted for faded jeans, an Atari tee, and accessories from my costume instead.

The concert was really good and super fun. They even had cider on tap – which is always a bonus. Even though we were taking care of a particular drunk (eh hem), it was a really good time overall and I’d be happy to go back again.

I think a couple of the many photos may do better explaining than I can.

on our way

I was invited to a dual birthday fiasco in VA. I went. I made an attempt to drink slowly and avoid vodka per my Yes Year fail, and did moderately well. Since I’m so late in updating this, I’ll just say it was a good time…cause it was.

left: b-day boy

I saw the guy whose floor I yarfed on. This awkward moment brought to you by The Yes Year.


I was asked to do a date auction and told “I don’t want to ‘yes'” you into it…too late! Besides it was for LLS, so a totally good cause. Not much to add…just to say the day started out classy with some Arbor Mist for brunch…cause drinking off your nerves is always a good idea.

And apparently I make a barrage of odd faces when I’m being sold off for charity.

These two lovely dames were my lucky winners. They bought me for $150. And over $2,000 was raised for LLS.

Thanks girls. I still owe them our date.

Afterward, we went back to a friend’s house then out to a bar for a Mardi Gras celebration, which, after a day of auctions and alcohol, looks something ridiculous like this:


The night before I was asked if I was going to the snowball fight. Of course, I said yes. So I stayed at a friend’s closer to the fight location. Waking up, we played board games then headed down to the snowball fight to meet our friend who had walked 2 miles to get there. Basically, these two were the yes’ers in this instance:

Running a little late didn’t make much a difference and we dove right in. Thank god we didn’t go with our first instinct to stay inside for a pizza that would never arrive. Because despite a snowball to the ear and a chunk to the back, it was pretty epic. And apparently national news worthy…what can we say, DC kids like to have some fun. Even when the cops do tell us to stop throwing snowballs at cars…and no one does, so they give up quickly.

The fight we were in was basically a group on one side of the inner circle and a group in the middle of the inner and outer circles of Dupont (which might only make sense if you live in the District). It was a lightly unspoken rule that the battle would stop between the sides for any passing cars, giving us the freedom to pelt anyone dumb enough to drive in record snowfall with as many snowballs as possible. Some people but their windows down…for forgot they had them down and hastily fixed that. Some took photos. Some beeped. Some took video. Others laughed and clapped. And a tow truck sped up then almost took peole out with a fishtail. Moron. Aside from him, the drivers were good…so I don’t know what that dop was thinking. We just carried on :).

And then, after about two hours, we met up with hour friends that were there earlier. I went home and we met up back up later to going out in VA. Good times.


Typically I’m a winter hermit. And trapsing around in snow? Not a chance.

Life is changing.

Even though they were calling for 30+ inches of snow, a few friends and I (who were below ground and had metro accessibility), decided to go to a bar in Chinatown. I wore snow pants to the bar over my jeans. So I was the only one, but it seems to start a trend throughout the district for the following two days.

It was a great night. Nothing too eventful, but definitely out of the ordinary winter activities for me. And because I only drank cider (for reasons you can see on my main blog), it was particularly good. Even though I decided snow fights would be fun and ended up with some stellar bruised knees. I stayed at my friend Josh’s house and we got up the next morning where I headed for Yes 14…