The night before I was asked if I was going to the snowball fight. Of course, I said yes. So I stayed at a friend’s closer to the fight location. Waking up, we played board games then headed down to the snowball fight to meet our friend who had walked 2 miles to get there. Basically, these two were the yes’ers in this instance:

Running a little late didn’t make much a difference and we dove right in. Thank god we didn’t go with our first instinct to stay inside for a pizza that would never arrive. Because despite a snowball to the ear and a chunk to the back, it was pretty epic. And apparently national news worthy…what can we say, DC kids like to have some fun. Even when the cops do tell us to stop throwing snowballs at cars…and no one does, so they give up quickly.

The fight we were in was basically a group on one side of the inner circle and a group in the middle of the inner and outer circles of Dupont (which might only make sense if you live in the District). It was a lightly unspoken rule that the battle would stop between the sides for any passing cars, giving us the freedom to pelt anyone dumb enough to drive in record snowfall with as many snowballs as possible. Some people but their windows down…for forgot they had them down and hastily fixed that. Some took photos. Some beeped. Some took video. Others laughed and clapped. And a tow truck sped up then almost took peole out with a fishtail. Moron. Aside from him, the drivers were good…so I don’t know what that dop was thinking. We just carried on :).

And then, after about two hours, we met up with hour friends that were there earlier. I went home and we met up back up later to going out in VA. Good times.