I actually mentioned this one after receiving an email from the folks in charge of the ugly sweater bar crawl in participated in back in December. I sent out a short email inquiring about interested parties. I didn’t get a big response and we needed 10 people, so I decided not to pursue it. About 2 weeks later my Tuesday night trivia team decided they wanted to do this and it started all over and in this instance, I said “yes” and it went back to being set up.

Initially delayed because of the huge snow storm, the new date was February 27th. It was a beautiful day and a great time. I had a plethora of fantastic DC scavenger hunting photos and pics inside the limo, but my camera was stolen at about 3am.

Just to be clear, the pre-party was at 2. Then we searched in limos around the District from 4 to 7. Then we went to the bar where we got results (we placed 13th out of 50 teams or so). Then I went to a friend’s friend’s apartment party in Chinatown (don’t remember that). Then went to Georgetown for pita’s with a random guy I met last year at about 4am. At 7am I realize my camera is gone. So many good photos…but at least I have the memories…and a really good excuse to play this game again next year!

Anyway, it was a great time and we actually did sorta well. I have a few photos scavenged (get it?) from the other camera that was there – sadly mine was the main camera.  We were Always Sunny themed, if you can see our shirts. Here is the Paddy’s Pub Search Party:  (plus driver!)