This lady asked me to do a human version of Pac-Man around the streets of DC…more specifically: Chinatown. Having no idea what this entailed, of course I said yes. The beautiful, sunny 60-something day came and after some initial confusion about location and game-playage and talking to News 4 crews (slow news day?) we started our game.

There was basically a 6-block parameter to stay in. 4 “Ghosts” are set out to look for the “Pac-man”. They other people had ponchos, but our group had some sweet t-shirts made by 2 of our players. Back at home base (in this instance: The National Portrait Gallery), there are 5 “controllers” on the phone with the crazy folks running down the street dressed as either Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde or Pac-Man.

The controllers for the ghosts simply mark the spot on the map of where their respective ghost is on the grid. Only the Pac-Man’s controller can tell he/she where the ghosts are. The only other information the ghosts can know is where the other ghosts are and when Pac-Man is invincible. Otherwise, it’s just up to the ghosts to walk the streets, dodge confused pedestrians and tourists and find and tackle Pac-Man.

Seriously, it’s a good time. I will be doing this again…I hope.

Later in the evening I had dinner for what seemed to be an accidental double-date in Chinatown with some friends that ended up being absolutely hilarious then went to a favorite bar for an acquaintance’s birthday. Good times.