Earlier in the week the roommate of Yes 11 had invited me to a “house party” in Fairfax, VA; it was half for the guy from Thursday’s birthday and half house-warming. According to the facebook event, many of my friends were going to be there. Sounds fun, right?

Of course I said “yes”. Well, let’s count this one as the first Yes Year casualty. And was it.

We got a lot of snow that day; I guess like 8 inches. However, I stayed in that Friday and was getting terribly anxious by the time nightfall rolled around on Saturday (as being not home anymore because of my “yes’s” has done to me). Perhaps I could have thought of a better solution to get out, but I thought my friends were going and damnit, I am committed to my yes year. (Besides, being from SW PA, I’m sort of an ace in the snow.) So, against my better judgment I went…next time, I’m pulling the “danger” card.

Well, anyway, I decided to drive there in the snow – which my car does remarkably well in…way to go Betty Banana Tank! And I get there and one other person I know is there. AWKWARD. So awkward, in fact, that after an 80 minute drive (it should take 40 min.), I would have turned around and left, but I couldn’t make it back through the snow. And then that date wasn’t talking to me…and then he smoked cigarettes – which, if you know anything about me makes me angry. (Like turn green, Hulk angry…and also very sad).

Long story short, it appears I drank my way through the social awkwardness and then I don’t remember anything and that guy and I haven’t really talked since…unless you count pseudo-rejection. ::giggle, my life:: I don’t know the full story of what happened, as I soon maybe perhaps lost some memory. You can have the full story here.

And then I broke up with vodka.

Stupid yes’s. Damn vodka. Stupid anxiety. Damn snow.


That’s right. I had my first Yes Year date. However, despite my Yes Year rules that say I have to say yes to dates if I’m asked, I realized I cannot do that when asked by friends … or totally creepy men (both of which I have encountered, and for one of which I slept with a knife beside my bed and the bedroom door locked while I was dogsitting.)

So, anyway, despite these, I was asked on a date by someone I had met at karaoke (see Yes 6). We texted for a week prior and talked on gChat. I saw him for a minute before the party bus. The following Thursday, we went on a date. And, like anything in my life, it wasn’t normal: He had to stay over my place for – um – legal reasons. That and I was unwilling to drive to Fairfax twice in 3 days (see next yes for explanation). We went to dinner. It was restaurant week in my part of town, so I thought – perhaps we’ll go to one of those places. And because of my Libran indecision, I told him to pick. He chose a place while I changing out of work close.

::sigh:: No forethought. Sad Libra.

Anyway, after dinner we played some Trivial Pursuit, because, yes, I AM THAT BIG OF A DORK. I won. Twice. Then I won at poker. Twice.

I ❤ winning.

Anyway, it was okay. We didn’t get to know each other much, but, as it turns out, it wasn’t really going to matter anyway…


Like I wouldn’t say “yes” to a party bus anyway?

Actually, come to think of it, I probably wouldn’t have. It was my friend Mike’s birthday, but it was also $45. Alas, I said yes and I had a good time…I think.

I lost a few hours of memory in here on account of no time for dinner and my friend, John’s drink, The Annihilator. (See that pop bottle in the photo below? There were 6 of those.) Who knew vodka and kool-aid could be so amazing?

We left from Virgina after and hour of fun there. Then we drove to Baltimore dancing and carrying on on the bus. Were at the bar for what I’m told was less than an hour then drove back. Unfortunately my camera died again. AGAIN. For no reason (do no buy a FujiFilm refurb. from NewEgg.com); it was fine then I charged the battery, but it back in, went to turn it on on the bus and nada. Awesome. So my photos are limited. Very limited. And I thought I lost my coat and my defunked camera after the bar stop, so I sat in the front quietly sulking and changing the song on the CD play for a while. Drunk people are strange.

Regardless it was good times. I would like to do another please. Minus The Annihilator…and plus a dinner. : )

See, *very* limited photos, but I was there. Oh, was I there.

PS. My coat and camera were both found … my shoes and bracelets were eaten by the bus. Oh well.


I was intrigued by a facebook post then asked to join a Skeeball League team. I know, Skeeball League? But, ya, they exist.

Our first game was January 20th. It runs for 8 weeks. I have only been to two, as one was a by week and another was canceled due to mass amounts of snow. Like Trivia Tuesdays, I will only post this once. So far it’s been fun. Last time I figured out my typical roll was 280. 310 was my best of the night. We only play the actual games for about 15 mintues, then we’re free to roam and play pool and ping-pong for free. Not a bad Wednesday night.

It’s been fun so far. We’ve won both games. But nothing major to report.

Apparently there are Skeeball League events, so if those occur, it will be reported back to you.

I love Skeeball. So pointless. So fun.


My friend Micheal (see Yes 3) asked if I wanted to join in trivia Tuesdays at a bar in Arlington. Finally, I had a free Tuesday, so of course I said yes. Somehow I knew  that Lucille is the name of BB King’s guitar and somehow knew Vermont was the 14th colony.We tied for first.

It was really fun and I went back the following Tuesday as well: I got Paul Rubens in Florida (you guess the question) and some other pop culture question right.  They didn’t give us (me) poly-dexterous because they wanted “poly-dexterity” – tell me I wasn’t robbed?! (If this gives you any indication of how behind I am.) We lost this night, but I had another delicious grilled chicken salad. Om nom nom.

I missed this week on account of getting muh hurr did (in what was the best salon experience EVER), but I will indeed be going many Tuesdays from now on. (Of course I”ll only blog about the initial one, unless it’s particularly “yes-ing” interestable. <<that’s a word)

Oh, how I love trivia games.


A few weeks after my first ski experience I was asked if i wanted to go again. Why “yes”, I do. We were suppose to go on Sunday, but it was too warm so I did karaoke instead. Now remember, I got home late (see last post) and I had to get up at 7am to leave for the resort (2 hours away). Suffice to say I skied longer than I slept: I skied for 7 hours … on 5 hours of sleep. Just sayin.

Not exactly prime conditions, but amazing weather!

The juxtaposition of the snowy slope to the not at all snow field in the background cracked me up.

As for yes 7.5, I was only expecting to do the green hills (as Vinnie and Jason said that’s what they would be doing), but my lovely teacher for the day, Jason (whom I still owe fresh from scratch cookies to),  was helping me along. We did a baby green hill, then went to another “green” hill which I thought was much harder than the ones at Seven Springs (where I went skiing before). Turns out, that the one Jason insisted was a “green hill” was blue, but an easy blue. Jason got bored and “yes’d” me into a much, much larger hill – so then I was getting thrown down blue hills that terrified me, but I made it and I’ll be damned if I didn’t improve ten fold- despite the icy conditions and plethora of bruises I still have.

Still slightly terrified of the blue squares, but I yes'd every one of them.

I actually felt really good for the next few days – barely sore. But I could tell I’d skied for 7 hours. On the total plus, my legs were toned and my stomach was pretty tight the rest of that week. Of course I’m still going to the gym, but I think there’s little you can do to keep your muscles in the same shape every day as the day after skiing for 7 hours. Not to mention the getting back up after falling; and I had some epic falls (I slid about 30 yards on my butt on one hill – I justput my hands in the air like a roller coaster and kept going), but I can get up like no one’s business – I fall, I’m back up and moving 10 seconds later.  I can’t be a ski instructor, but I sure can teach you some good tips of reattaching your skis on the slope or getting up in 5 seconds flat.

The next day...perhaps it looked better in person. But felt great. ha!


Sunday we were suppose to go skiing (wait for it…), but it was raining so when I was asked to go to karaoke, I said yes – even though I was up till 7am the night before playing drinking games. (Drinking Sorry! is surprisingly really fun.)

I am horrible at singing, but I went. I was also suckered yes’d into singing “Pink” by Aerosmith, so that’s Yes 6.5. Note to Self: Girls cannot sing “Pink” well. I had a really good time and met quite a few new folks on this evening…they all seemed like lovely people. I also learned how to stop a quarter from spinning vertically and by “learned” I mean just did it as everyone else struggled. Oh, to be mediocre at everything and good at nothing…jealous?

I got home about 2am – this is important information for Yes 7.


A friend was celebrating her last day at her old job in Arlington. An email went out that day and I said I’d try to make it after the gym (that’s a non-official rule: Gym cannot be neglected. Add that.). I worked out for 2 hours so it was about 9:30pm when I was finished. I was getting a few texts inquiring about my whereabouts and arrival time so there was no missing this one.  I showered, dressed and drove to Rosslyn (thanks Josh) Ballston, met some people in the garage I promptly followed into the bar since they knew were they were going and I did not.

It was actually a really good time. Drinks, dancing, friends. I met a few new people: Elliot, Vinnie, and a big guy who apparently loves karaoke named Gide. Afterwards we got some food then headed home. I would see Vinnie again soon…

Hi Vinnie.

PS Some dude grabbed my ass and my friend commended him – shame on you…both.


I was asked to HH last week. I first said no – blastphamy! – but then when I got home and my roommate was in front of the TV with his friend playing Xbox with headsets I knew there would not be Fringe or JJ in HD in my near future. So I said “fuck it” and went to happy hour.

It was chill. Met Chuck. Don’t know who he is, but he’s popping up a lot lately. (Not like that.)

Hi Chuck.

I kept drinking to a minimum cause I drove, but an enjoyable evening for the most part.

Since part of the rules are saying yes to “small” things because they can lead to bigger ones, I will be posting all yes’s. I mean not all, ever, but, you know…

Less interesting/involved yes’s will be short, but who knows they may become part of a larger story.

The plot thickens…